Meet the New MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar

Say Goodbye to Mac Startup Sound


Anyone who has probably used a Mac would have gotten accustomed to its startup sound; boot it up and you hear an announcement that you are about to begin a relationship with your computer that would probably last for many years. Well, I can’t even pinpoint the exact number of Macs I have used, and this sound has become more like a ritual until we saw Apple’s new releases.

I got a quick look at the new MacBook Pro, and one of the first things I immediately knew was missing is the startup sound. This time around, Apple has adorned the startup of these Macs with no sound—just silence.

The startup sound has been very useful in the past, as it helps us know when the computer finishes running its initial diagnostics and when everything is set. The latest Macs come up immediately they are opened, so, from my own standpoint, I think the company removed the sound to prevent unintended interruption just because the laptop is open.

Say Goodbye to Mac Startup Sound

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