Smartwatches Seeing Fewer Sales

Smartwatches Are Seeing Fewer Sales


It’s no longer news that smartwatches may not be the next big thing in tech as many tech companies may have thought. Reports reached us earlier yesterday, and these showed that smartwatch shipments have dropped to 52.6 percent for the third consecutive time this year.

Well, this is a pretty bad news, not just for the manufacturers of these devices but also to the retailers who have invested much in this business line. One of the companies that suffered big losses is Apple, as it had a 71.6 percent drop in shipments, and that’s not surprising, as it’s one of the many companies that have massively pushed the production of smartwatches.

Just as stated above, Apple is the market leader in this niche, and that’s why it suffered much more lose; but this doesn’t affect its position at the top of the market as the tech company has managed to ship 1.1 million Apple smartwatches in the third quarter of this year, but that is much lower than the 3.5 million it managed to ship around this time last year.

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