T-Mobile to Pay $48 Million over Slowing Unlimited Data Plans

T-Mobile to Pay $48 Million over Slowing Unlimited Data Plans

T-Mobile comes as the third wireless carrier here in the U.S., one of the best in the world, and for many years, customers have trusted its services as the perfect fit for their needs. All that could be in danger as the company will have to pay $48million in fines for not telling customers that unlimited data plans were actually limited, and when your data gets really low, the plan gets really slow.

According to the FCC, it was a fact that T-Mobile has a policy that allowed it reduce the speed of customers who were heavy data users. According to the agency, the company really didn’t let customers know what the data threshold was, and when users passed this threshold, the lower speed is triggered.

So basically, the company didn’t help its customers realize that even though the data plan is unlimited, users who have crossed a specific threshold would not be having as much browsing speed as users who haven’t. Rather, the company took pleasure in singing that the plan is unlimited.

T-Mobile to Pay $48 Million over Slowing Unlimited Data Plans

The carrier, according to FCC, started to do a better job with disclosures in June 2015 and taking a look at the carrier’s website, it now states in small print that users who may have consumed well over 25GB in a month may start experiencing slower speeds due to network congestion.

According to a tweet by the CEO, John Legere, the fine was seen as a “good settlement with the FCC” and the “company even believes that customers need to have more information on the plans they use azithromycin 250 mg dose pack.” When contacted, the Spokeswoman of T-Mobile, Stacey DiNuzzo stated that the changes that were made in June last year were deemed sufficient, and she also feels that no more changes need to be made to comply with the settlement conditions.

The FCC has been doing a pretty good job going after data limits as it fined AT&T $100million for misleading customers into believing that its unlimited plans were actually unlimited, when in reality, it wasn’t. Just like T-Mobile, AT&T was caught in the mess of reducing the speed of customers significantly when they hit a preplanned threshold.

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