The US Sees First Test of Snow-Melting Solar Roads

The US Sees First Test of Snow-Melting Solar Roads


When you see it for the first time, this snow-melting solar road looks just like a lighted dance floor as its generally 30 hexagonal tiles that are flashing with LEDs. Well, only on a closer look will you notice that each of these tiles is actually a solar panel, and according to reports from KREM2, these panels will be powering a fountain and restroom pretty soon.

Installation of the solar panels started on October 3, and it will come as the first public solar roadway technology in the US.

The company, Solar Roadways, wants to test its newest prototype so as to ensure that all glitches and problems are found and addressed before they begin the mass production of the solar panels. According to Julie Brusaw, co-founder of Solar Roadways, each of the tiles comes with a 44-watt solar panel, and all the tiles have been designed to heat themselves so that the hardware wouldn’t freeze when there is a drop in temperature. It also ensures that the panels continue generating energy throughout the year.

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