Canada Promises to House US Tech Immigrants

Canada Promises to House US Tech Immigrants


I am quite sure you have seen the result of the just-concluded elections, and obviously you are one of those people who have vowed to walk out of America if Donald Trump should win the election. Well, it has happened, and the president-elect will be taking charge of the White House pretty soon, so where do you plan to move to?

Interestingly, Canada has decided to leave its doors open to US immigrants, and it’s a pretty cool place to go if you would want to leave America. Silicon Valley really resisted Donald Trump during the election, with Peter Thiel, a Facebook board member coming under real criticism for his support of Trump’s campaign. California, which houses Silicon Valley, also voted in large numbers for Hillary Clinton as she won a massive 61% of the votes here, so what will be happening to the tech companies in Silicon Valley? Well, only time will tell.

A prime example of one of those who are already considering a move out of America is one of Apple’s former employees who stated that he plans to leave the country before Donald Trump becomes president.

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