China Debuts Its New J-20 Stealth Fight

China Debuts Its New J-20 Stealth Fight


Some days ago, Russia unveiled its newly developed missile that’s enough to raze the whole of Texas, and obviously, we were not very pleased with that as someone, somewhere isn’t concerned about lives of fellow humans, with their targets still being weapons of war.

Well, this information isn’t going to bring lots of applause as the release of a new Smartphone or the unveiling of a new startup would have done, but it’s worth noting.

The country held an air show yesterday in Southern China. And right there, two J-20 stealth fighters were sent into the sky as the ancient city unveiled the newest addition to its military arsenal.  We have been hearing of the Avic J-20 stealth fighters ever since 2011 when they were first tested, but this comes as the first time the public gets to have its eye on them.

The twin-engine prototypes were flown for about 20 minutes at the international aviation and aerospace exhibition, and from the reaction, the citizens of the local Chinese villages were just so delighted to see this.

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