CNN Acquires Beme, YouTube Star’s Social App

CNN Acquires Beme, YouTube Star’s Social App


One of the many challenges CNN may be facing right now is the attraction of a younger generation, drawing the attention of this generation to the platform which has more viewers among the older generation. The company has now made a real move as it acquires a social app which is the creation of YouTube star, Casey Neistat.

Casey Neistat boasts of over 5 million YouTube subscribers, and he has managed to make a routine of uploading videos daily. Neistat has that fan base that many media companies and marketers are ready to pay massively to get across to, and CNN has decided to bring him on board, hoping that his audience comes along.

The large media company announced earlier yesterday that it has agreed to acquire the technology and talent behind the Beme app, which means that the company will be absorbing, not only Neistat and Matt Hackett, the co-founder who happens to be a former Vice President of Engineering at Tumblr, but also 12 employees on the Beme team.

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