Facebook and Google Move To Takedown Ads from Fake News Websites


Facebook was caught in this trap, and they obviously know the damage it could cause. Facebook was accused of influencing the winner of the elections as the fake news on its portal did one or more things to drive the tide towards Donald Trump.

The biggest internet companies on earth have vowed to take down ads from fake news websites that were created only to be revenue sources to the owners.

Google made its stand known on Monday by saying it wouldn’t hesitate to ban any website that deals in fake news from using Adsense. As if it was planned, Facebook also updated the language in the Facebook audience network policy by now adding that it would not show its ads on websites that show fake news.

According to a Facebook spokesman, “we have updated the policy to explicitly clarify that this isn’t just about sites that show illegal and misleading contents, it also includes fake news websites. We have also primed our team to walk through all publishers to ensure that all prospective and existing ones comply with this new policy.”

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