Meet the Uber of the Skies

Meet the Uber of the Skies


Many tech companies are shifting their attention to flying vehicles, and Airbus just unveiled something that will break grounds, something that could make a name as the best in the industry.

Just last week, Uber released a white paper, outlining its plans to bring flying cars to commuters before 2026. We also learn of a flying car project that Google co-founder, Larry Page is currently funding through a startup called Zee.Aero.

Well, even with the competition gradually gaining ground, Airbus has decided to offer a legacy of building a civil aircraft and it’s now working with the Federal Aviation Administration to develop its own flying car—the project Vahana. Airbus boasts of solid experience in aviation, and that would be giving it an edge over its competitors.

According to the company, this aircraft will be an electric, single-passenger VTOL plane with eight rotors. According to Zach Lovering, the person in charge of the project, the aircraft will be moving about twice the speed of the fastest cars. The aircraft is also expected to attain an altitude of about 1000 feet above the ground.

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