Reddit CEO Caught Editing Trump Supporters’ Comments

Reddit CEO Caught Editing Trump Supporters’ Comments


Steve Huffman has been caught editing comments of users of infamous pro-Trump subreddit the_Donald, and it has raised concerns about the security of the views of its users. Reddit has made a name for itself as a supporter of authentic conversation, so its administrators’ secret modification of user contents has drastic effects.

This year is a pretty crazy one for all those who are ardent fans of politics, and Donald Trump’s fans have made a name for themselves as great trolls on many of the social networks. Reddit wasn’t different with Donald Trump’s supporters being constant causes of strife for users and moderators alike. CEO Steve Huffman wasn’t left out as the supporters called him names at every chance they got, with words like “fuck u/spez” and “u/spez is a cuck” suddenly becoming Huffman’s new nicknames on the platform.

No one will feel any good being called such degrading names, and Huffman took a step to correct what he may have seen as insults directed at him by deciding to edit the posts of users without their consent or knowledge. The pro-Trump caught unto the changes and decided to log the changes in a thread. Well, Huffman admitted to changing the comments, and he quickly noted that he acted alone and without the consent of any of the employees.

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