Reddit Shoots Itself and That Could Tear It Up

Reddit Shoots Itself and That Could Tear It Up


Reddit is 11 years old, and that can be considered many years on the internet. One thing that has kept it alive till today is its mantra—being a place where users can have authentic conversations online. Well, all that could be returning to hunt it at an age when trolls have taken over the website and the conversations they are having doesn’t bode well for the social media company.

The_Donald Reddit community has been very problematic, so problematic that its top volunteer moderators are starting to feel that the end of the social media giant is drawing near. The moderators are not having a cool relationship with The_Donald Reddit community, as the community has continued to exploit the poor enforcement of Reddit’s user protection. The moderators have their hands tied as it were since its policy is that people should have unedited and real conversations.

Reddit’s The_Donald movement has continually sought to dominate the conversation on the site, and these Trump supporters never stop spreading coded messages, they openly attack other users of the site, and they never stop breaking the site’s rules, even the most basic, and the brunt of the attack is being faced by the moderators.

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