Samsung's Galaxy S8 will include an AI assistant

Samsung Galaxy S8 to Feature AI Assistant


That’s going to happen for real, and Samsung knows it will be doing a great disservice to itself if it should release the Samsung Galaxy S8 without this feature. One other reason why this feature should come with the Samsung Galaxy S8 is because of the disappointment that the Note7 has been known to be.

Samsung obviously doesn’t want to waste time before it uses Viv’s artificial intelligence know-how, and just as we have stated earlier, the tech and consumer electronics maker have revealed that it will be releasing the Galaxy S8 with Artificial Intelligence as one of its standout features.

The company didn’t give in-depth clues as to what purpose this feature will serve, but one we know quite well is that the AI assistant will be helping developers attach and upload services to the AI’s functionality. That comes as a pretty cool one since you will be able to bend the AI assistant to suit you, what you want, and what satisfactorily serves your needs.

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