Tesla Buys German Engineering Firm To Automate Its Factories


Many of us had our attention fixed on the elections yesterday, and that’s just when Tesla deems it fit to unveil a deal that will be supporting its longstanding desire to have not just autonomous vehicles, but also factories.

Tesla’s move to acquire Grohmann engineering will be helping the company gain a significant boost in production, and that will go a long way in helping it reach its market target.

The engineering company will now be Tesla’s new Advanced Automation facility in Germany.  According to Elon Musk, “this will really be our first acquisition of significance in our whole history.” The chief automaker also stated that Grohmann engineering was their first choice when they started thinking of companies with the expertise and the ability to build machines that will build machines.

The engineering facility will be growing its workforce significantly in the coming years as Tesla has laid down a plan of employing over 1000 new professionals into its Advanced Automation division. This will come as a significant boost for the German economy as Grohmann engineering company now has just 700 employees, an additional 1000 will, no doubt be a real figure.

Tesla Buys German Engineering Firm To Automate Its Factories

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