This $5 Device Can Grant You Access to Any Computer

This $5 Device Can Grant You Access to Any Computer


Companies have spent millions to improve the security of devices, and at this time in the history of man, we should boastfully conclude that we have the best of securities around us. But then, that may not entirely be the case as there are always new ways to get around the hefty securities we have on our devices, and many of these come way cheaper than the costliest security tools.

One of such cheap devices is this $5 device called Poison Tap. It was produced by Samy Kamar, one of the best hackers you would ever meet. Kamar’s new terrifying home brew device can enable anyone to plant a backdoor on a computer in just one minute; even if the computer is locked, this device still grants unhindered access to anyone who is harmed with it.

According to Kamar, the Poison Tap targets the victim’s browser cache and injects the malicious code there. This is very ingenious as most attacks try to install malware on a computer, but by going after the browser in the computer, Poison Tap easily bypasses some security measures and anti-virus software.

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