Zuckerberg Details Plans to Combat Facebook Fake News

Zuckerberg Details Plans to Combat Facebook Fake News


The Facebook fake news has been an issue longer than we can ever imagine. In recent times, Facebook has come under intense pressure over the quality of news that it sends out; raising concerns over the damage it is capable of causing due to the number of its followers and obviously, the number of those who get to see this news at a time.

Mark Zuckerberg recently discussed plans to tackle this growing problem, and he also showed us details of several other projects Facebook has undergone in a bid to remove fake news from its platform, and in his words, “take misinformation seriously.”

Mark Zuckerberg noted, though, that this is a pretty complex issue, both technically and philosophically. There are over 1 billion people on Facebook, and each of these is entitled to an opinion, and not just that, they have the freedom to share opinions; Mark stated that Facebook doesn’t, in any way wish to be an “arbiter of truth”.

Ever Since Sacking Human Editors, Facebook Has Repeatedly Shared Fake News

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