Amazon Just Won Patent for Floating Warehouse

Amazon Just Won Patent for Floating Warehouse


Some weeks back, we shared an interesting article on a new idea from Amazon, a delivery drone, and it was tested with a successful delivery being made in about 13 minutes. The company has now been awarded a patent for a giant flying warehouse that can act as a launchpad for drones that will be delivering orders to customers.

The company called it an “airborne fulfillment center” that’s like an airship or blimp that would be floating at about 45,000 altitudes, and it planned that the airship will be stocked with lots of products.

On how it will be working, we can expect that the done will be flying down to deliver customer orders, which implies that it requires little power to work efficiently.

Amazon’s patent reveals several ways it will be using warehouse blimps. The company revealed that the drones could be used to deliver orders to customers during a football match where customers need items like food and merchandise. It also revealed that the airship would also be able to work as an advertising board, making it pretty easy for customers to order items they see on display, and interestingly, all these can be gotten “within minutes.”

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