Apple Finally Admits iPhones have A Problem


This year will be remembered for the battery issues that major tech companies have had to deal with, and we are just made to wonder if the problem is actually coming from the technology that they have employed in the production of their devices.

Samsung had the largest recall in the history of Smartphone manufacturing after it recalled and canceled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over battery explosions and ignitions. Recently, iPhone 6S users have also complained that their device shuts down abruptly. The company had earlier suspected that the issue was with devices manufactured between September and October last year, but on Tuesday, it’s now deciding to extend the recall and exchange program beyond the September and October 2015 products.

Apple has faced overwhelming pressure from users, the Chinese Consumer Association also filed out a clear warning to the tech company. In its article which it posted to its China website in Chinese and English, Apple stated: “we take every customer concern very seriously, including the limited number of reports of unexpected shutdown with iPhones.”

“We also want to thank the agencies for forwarding concerns to us and their engagement with us; when we find something, we work to provide customers with a solution. Some of the phones shut down under normal conditions in order for the iPhone to protect its electronics. We will be releasing a software update next week to gather more information, and we are also exploring a possible software fix which will be deployed in a future version of iOS.”

Apple Finally Admits iPhones have A Problem

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