First Batch of Users Have Received the Apple AirPods

First Batch of Users Have Received the Apple AirPods


The iPhone 7 came without the headphone jack, and users have been asked to spend about $150 to get the wireless headphones that Apple call, “AirPods.” Well, after the long wait, the first batch of the AirPods has begun arriving in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Well, it will be so interesting to hear what users have to say about this now, considering that many users have been very reserved as to their view of the AirPods, while those that managed to air their opinion have just stated that this is a pretty crazy release. Well, the users who have received theirs have shared their opinions, and interestingly, these are positive feedbacks!

A user on Reddit stated that the headphones are “better than expected.” Many users have also shown their appreciation for the light-weight headphones, also stating that the wide Bluetooth coverage comes as a plus.

Still on the Bluetooth, some users have shared that the devices maintain a consistent and pretty strong Bluetooth connection to the iPhone, with users even leaving phones in the kitchen and roaming around the whole house with the Bluetooth signal still at the best. Well, all the feedbacks from customers show that the AirPod’s Bluetooth signal is cool. But what about the battery and charge speed?

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