Google to Run On Renewable Energy By 2017

Google to Run On Renewable Energy By 2017


Google inc. just announced plans to make more efficient use of energy come next year after it shared plans to run its entire operations on renewable energy, mainly wind farms, and solar panels. This will also include all its data centers around the world and other corporate offices in some regions of the world.

It was reported that the company consumed as much energy as San Francisco in 2015, and that’s really massive if we will consider the cost of generating and maintaining electricity.

The company showed its interest in renewable energy back in 2010 when it started investing heavily in this industry. The company has completely acquired a 114-megawatt Iowa wind farm to produce the power it consumes.

Google is the biggest corporate buyer of renewable power, and that’s evident considering that they purchase twice the quantity that Amazon purchases (Amazon is their closest competitor). Google now hopes to live entirely on renewable energy owing to its investment of large amounts of cash in the purchase of direct wind and solar-sourced power.

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