In 30 Minutes, Amazon Can Deliver a Package to You Using a Drone

In 30 Minutes, Amazon Can Deliver a Package to You Using a Drone


As the evolution of drones continues to reveal new faces, we expected that we would be able to have drones that can deliver goods to customers, but the FAA has been very strict when it comes to drones that are pretty big as it states safety concerns as its main issue with this twist in the drone technology.

Over in the UK, the leader in e-commerce has legally tested its drone delivery service by delivering a Prime order last week. We expect that the company begins a pilot testing phase for drone deliveries to rural areas starting a few weeks from now.

The test delivery was done within 5 miles of its drone testing facility in Cambridgeshire outside the university town of Cambridge. The tests began after it got the nod of the British Civil Aviation Authority, and the body now plans to allow the delivery to rural areas as soon as it has gotten enough data regarding the safety of people.

With the Prime Air in the airways, Amazon plans to create a system where it delivers a maximum of five pounds packages in 30 minutes or less. The test involved the order for an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn; and from the time the customer clicked “order” to the time the package was received, about 13 minutes was lost.

This trial phase as been very successful, but we should remember that the two customers used in the trial live very close to Amazon’s testing facility; on the ability for the drone to travel for 10 or 15 miles, we can’t really say until we get to that stage of the trials. The company also has plans to make deliveries to customers living farther quite easier, and interestingly, this 30-minute delivery may not be coming at a price.

In 30 Minutes, Amazon Can Deliver a Package to You Using a Drone

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