Meet Google’s New IoT Platform—Android Things

Meet Google’s New IoT Platform—Android Things


It’s not completely possible to unify the internet of things devices, and many companies who have honestly had a go at it have just given up when they discovered that it’s just a dream, that it can’t be achieved. Well, that doesn’t stop big players in the tech industry from having a try. Google now plans to create and unify internet of things by taking the standards set by Brillo and Weave, woven with many other parts to create one new platform—Android Things.

Android Things was announced by the tech and consumer electronics maker yesterday, and it touted the platform as “a comprehensive way to build IoT products with the power of Android.” This stance is a very familiar one as it has given manufacturers the power to use Android to build tablets, phones, TV boxes and many other devices. From all indications, Android Things is more like a rebranding and expansion of its Brillo platform which was a lesser version of Android designed for IoT devices.

Basically, the difference between Brillo and Android Things is that software and hardware developers will now be able to create IoT devices using the same Android APIs and all other Google services they may have been using. Android Things will now have the combination of services like the Android Studio, Android SDK, Google Play Services and the Google Cloud Platform.

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