Meet Microsoft’s First-Ever Desktop Computer—The Surface Studio

Microsoft Believes That the Rise in Surface Sales Was Due To MacBook Pro Disappointment


Microsoft posted November as the best month of the sales of its Surface range of devices (excluding Surface Hub electronic whiteboard). The pre-holiday success of the line of devices was partly due to the arrival of the Surface Book and the Surface Studio, as users have come to see that this all-in-one PC is actually one of the most interesting hardware from the tech and consumer electronics maker in recent months.

Interestingly, Apple also introduced its new Touch Bar MacBook Pro in the same week, but compared to Microsoft’s Surface, it had generated a pretty mixed reaction from users, and in a bid to drive sales, the company was forced to release information that the online store is enjoying more orders for the MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook from the company.

The MacBook Pro has been a subject of countless controversies over the last few weeks, as users have complained that it doesn’t come with legacy I/O ports, the graphics are problematic and the battery life is not what’s expected.  Well, Microsoft has quickly attributed the steady rise in the sales its Surface PCs and laptops to the dissatisfaction of Mac users at the MacBook Pro.

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