Florida Man Sues Samsung After Note7 Explodes in His Pocket

Samsung Wasted the Whole Of 2016


Of all tech companies, Samsung’s market in 2016 will be easily classed as one of the worst, and the turn of events leading to the end of this year was enough to make us feel the plight of the tech and consumer electronics maker.

The Samsung Galaxy S7and the S7 Edge were massive hits, and since they came long before Apple released its iPhone 7, they were able to compete so well with the iPhone 6, helping to raise the finances of the company over a short time. Well, it was enjoying its position on the top of the table when the disaster that we now know as the Galaxy Note 7 was launched, and from that point, Samsung’s year took a turn for the worse.

Less than a month after it was launched, we heard of the first explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea, and from that point onward, reports starting coming from almost all corners of the earth, with reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7s making the headlines for many weeks. The company recalled the Smartphone as it felt the first batch that was shipped in August was the one with issues, and at that point, users were asked to visit the company’s website to confirm if their devices were eligible for a return.

Right after many customers got new Smartphones, we started hearing reports that the Note 7 was overheating, and it got to a point where a Southwest Airlines flight was grounded just because of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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