Tesla Autopilot Prevents an Accident Even Before It Happened

Tesla Autopilot Prevents an Accident Even Before It Happened

See How the Driver was Saved

In the situation mentioned above, the driver right in front of the Tesla seems to have lost control of his break and the car just went off with a sudden spike in speed. It hits an SUV and the Tesla car forcefully applied a break. We could clearly see what was going on ahead, but it would interest you to know that we were seeing things through the eyes of the autopilot radar.

The autopilot radar had given a warning that many might not have understood, but if you were in that car and you were shocked by the alarm, you simply needed a fraction of a second to know the reason behind the beep.

Interestingly, it was reported that all those involved in the accident were okay, and impressively, we came to realize that Tesla’s autopilot radar wasn’t only using the car in front to plan its part; it also considered two cars ahead.

You should all know this, that even though collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems are pretty great techs designed to protect you from harm, they do not come as substitutes for being alert, so you should be always ready to take control of your car.

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