This Robot Hand Has a Soft Touch

This Robot Hand Has a Soft Touch


In a bid to make robots that are as close to man himself, researchers have undergone extensive research into the production of soft robots and robots with abilities to hold fragile items without crushing these.

Researchers at the Cornell University have made a robot hand that’s close to that of humans. The robot hand can touch delicate items, it can sense the shape and texture of items by touching them, and this comes as a real boost in the growing field of soft robotics. This research also shows that researchers will be able to make robots that would have improved interactive abilities when interacting with humans, and they will also be able to adjust to the size of a passageway.

When compared to the traditional robot which needed to be made of something that can conduct electricity before it can sense what its holding or touching, this new discovery is a step further as you just need something that can conduct light, and not something that can conduct electricity.

According to Huichan Zhao, the lead author of the research article; “our human hand is not functioning using motors to drive each of the joints; our human hand has a lot of sensors on the surface and inside. Soft robotics provides a chance to make a soft hand that is closer to a human hand.”

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