Why Theranos Had an Awful Year

Why Theranos Had an Awful Year


Almost all industries had a pretty bad year, and many can’t wait to see what the year 2017 will bring. Well, one of the many companies that found it pretty hard was Theranos, and that was actually more of its own undoing than the market itself.

The blood testing startup’s innovative software, Edison can identify illnesses from a single drop of blood, and this software was so popular that it won the company a partnership with Walgreens in a bid to offer “wellness centers” inside its stores.

But then, things didn’t move the way we would have expected as there were insinuations that the biology and technology behind the company’s business was a massive junk, so the company spent the bigger part of this year trying to convince us that it wasn’t scamming us.

Back in May, the company stated that it is voiding and correcting tons of blood tests it has taken and examined in the past two years because one of its staffs had used a generic piece of testing equipment with the wrong settings and not even one other person checked this. As if that wasn’t enough, the company sent out wrong test results to about 80 people, scaring the hell out of these individuals.

Why Theranos Had an Awful Year

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