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Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Sue Dead People


For someone who made a whopping $5 billion in the first two weeks of the year, spending about $100 million on lawsuits that will force native Hawaiians to sell their lands is nothing but little inconvenience.

Mark Zuckerberg has made a name for himself as one who always disturbs his neighbors, starting from his use of walls to the behavior of his security details, he never fails to be at odds with his neighbors. He has now filed a lawsuit against Hawaiian families in an effort to make them sell off their land in order for him and his family to have “more privacy.”

According to a report made by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the eight lawsuits that were filed in December 2016 are aimed at forcing the families to sell their land at a public court auction to the highest bidder. The lawsuits will trigger the state’s “quiet title” legal proceeding which can be used to identify title owners and force land sales.

Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Sue Dead People

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