Tech Industry Reacts To Trump’s Immigration Order

Tech Industry Reacts To Trump’s Immigration Order


On Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order for “extreme vetting” and this order automatically halts the United States’ refugee program, blocking citizens of a total of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for at least 90 days. The affected countries are Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Iraq.

This executive order doesn’t exempt even those who have visas and legal permits to reside here in the United States, and it has raised dust, so much that we have decided to focus on the tech industry’s reaction to the order.

One of the last few pieces we wrote was actually focused on Elon Musk’s underground tunnel he plans to have in Los Angeles, and I feel it’s fitting to share his reaction first. As soon as he heard the announcement, Musk went all out against Donald Trump, joining many other tech CEOs to criticize the move.

He presently sits on Trump’s economic team, but he wasn’t shy to share a diplomatic tweet saying that the order wasn’t the best way to address the country’s challenges. He even stated that the order will “affect even those who have done nothing wrong, and who really don’t deserve to be rejected.”

According to a Microsoft spokesman, “we share the concerns about the impact of the order on our employees from the listed countries, all of whom have been in the United States lawfully, and we’re actively working with them to provide legal advice and assistance.” So this clearly shows that Microsoft isn’t finding it very easy to deal with.

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