Tesla Begins Battery Cell Production

Tesla Begins Battery Cell Production


Tesla has finally flipped the switch on its Gigafactory, and after a long wait, Elon Musk may now be ready to start production of battery cells. The Gigafactory is hidden in the east of Reno, Nev, and it’s a diamond shaped factory that’s as big as the name implies.

The company plans to power all its energy reliant products with its own battery, and very soon we will be seeing the Model 3 Electric Car.  Tesla has been tirelessly working to electrify transportation, and it will be producing some of the best battery cells in the world.

The factory presently has about 2,900 employees, and it’s expected that over 4000 positions are added before the end of this year. Tesla now aims to venture into an industry that’s controlled by countries like China, Japan, and South Korea, and the incoming administration will likely support the company as Trump is of the opinion that companies create more jobs for Americans.

Tesla is still working on the Gigafactory, but it’s expected that by next year the company should be having the capacity to produce the highest number of lithium-ion batteries, and it’s even expected to be having over 6,500 permanent employees.

Tesla Begins Battery Cell Production

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