This Is Exactly What’s Wrong with This Generation— Technology

This Is Exactly What’s Wrong with This Generation—Technology

This generation would be the least productive generation in the past 100 years, and if I will be using the term “millennial” I actually mean kids that are born starting from 1994 till date. Interestingly, my kid that was born in 1994, and I know what impact technology has had on him.

This generation is seen as the Facebook and Instagram generation, our millennials are more concerned about having the highest number of followers than actually building meaningful relationships, and they are more concerned about the latest trends on social media than even the latest information about their country.

The millennials know the name of Kanye West’s kid, but how many of them even know the name of the deputy governor of their state? And that shows how bleak the future of the world has suddenly become. Rather than being prepared for life, technology has successfully been able to prepare our millennials for today and today only.

Technology has also made the millennials pretty lazy, how do we mean? Ask the millennial: “What will you like to be” and you hear things like: “a doctor, a banker, physicist, a scientist” and the likes, and then you are forced to imagine what will become of blue collar jobs in a few years from now.

This Is Exactly What’s Wrong with This Generation— Technology

Engagement with social media and our cell phones release a chemical called dopamine, and this chemical is the main reason why you feel good when you receive texts, when you get new Facebook and Instagram notifications and sadly, that chemical is what makes you feel good when you drink and smoke. There is an age restriction on gambling, smoking, and drinking, but I haven’t seen age restrictions on cell phones and social media and that’s like saying, “we give our kids unhindered access to an addictive,” you can imagine how dangerous that can be.

The millennial is very lazy, and that’s pretty evident in the reduced innovation we have seen in this age group. That’s also evident in the number of millennials using services like Amazon, eBay, and the rest. Millennials now feel that everything should be done for them, and technology has made that pretty easy. They stay right under their bed sheets and order items from many miles away. You can imagine how disastrous it would be if they take that mentality to a workplace.

Well, the lazy attitude is the reason why over 80% of millennials lack the skills not only to interact with co-workers but also to hold down a position in an organization.
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