Vertu’s Luxury Android Phone Built for Jetsetters

Vertu’s Luxury Android Phone Built for Jetsetters


Luxury products are always cool to watch, but most times, they’re so cheap that we just can’t afford them, and when I mean cheap—I mean pretty cheap. Well, before you drop this article and move on to the next, I think I have to tell you something pretty cool about this luxury smartphone.

The device comes from Vertu, a leading luxury smartphone manufacturer that never fails to bring smartphones that would break people’s pockets. It has seen some operational changes in the past few years, but its tradition of making really costly devices is one change it may not have thought about having.

Its latest smartphone is an update to the Constellation handset, and for the first time, the company is bringing support for dual-Sims, access to iPass, which is known as the largest WiFi network in the world.

The device will be hand-built in England and it will be crafted from anodized aluminum while its finishing will be done with leather that was sourced from a tannery in Italy. It features an inset ruby on its side, and this also doubles as a button that grants users uninterrupted access to Vertu’s 24-hour concierge service in case you need help with a very important booking.

The device comes in a 5.5-inch WQHD AMOLED display with over 3.6 million pixels and an awesome 538 PPI. The company spends a lot on premium products, and one of the most notable is Safire, which brings along extra protection with its 140-karat scratchproof finish.

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