We Are Now 2.5 Minutes Away From Doomsday clock

We Are Now 2.5 Minutes Away From Doomsday

Scientists have a special clock they use in predicting when a major event is about to take place, and not just any event, a catastrophe. The event itself is seen as midnight, and ever since 1953, this is a point where we are closest to midnight.

Scientists started using this clock in 1947, and ever since, it has correctly predicted events, and it has now become a respected and widely accepted symbol of how close we are to a catastrophic event. Sadly, they say we all just have to be very careful as there is a possibility that anyone loses his life anytime, and in some cases, humanity itself may get destroyed in one blow.

But why are we 2.5 minutes to midnight? What’s going to happen? Well, in 1953, the clock moved two minutes to midnight when the Soviet Union carried out hydrogen tests shortly after the United States did hers. This time around, Donald Trump has been seen as a threat, not just to America, but to the whole world. It’s said that Donald Trump has threatened the safety and security of the planet.

We Are Now 2.5 Minutes Away From Doomsday

According to the chairman of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Lawrence Krauss, “facts are stubborn things, and they need to be taken into account if the future of humanity is to be preserved. The future of the clock and our future is in your hands.” Krauss also stressed that Donald Trump’s loose talk about nuclear weapons wasn’t the only thing that influenced their decision to move the clock, but it was a very important factor Visit This Link.

The “loose talk” about nuclear weapons was enough to tell anyone that things will go out of hand if all that Trump has said was to happen. Another factor that contributed to the moving of the clock was fake news which has the power to make everyone in the world panic and even cast doubt on the honesty and cleanness of our electoral systems. We could see how true this was back in November when some people were pushing for the recount of the election results.

Mankind is also under the threat of automated military systems, and this also has the potential to cause a lot more damage to people and mankind’s only habitable home—the earth.

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