Yahoo to Become 'Altaba' after Verizon Deal

Yahoo to Become ‘Altaba’ after Verizon Deal

See What Happens to Melissa Mayer

The sale of the company to Verizon also means that the Yahoo board will have to be sifted, and one of the first to go under the knife will be Merissa Mayer, the CEO of the company. The new company will operate more as an investment company, and that implies that the majority of the board members will be thrown out. Five board members are expected to remain, and these are, Jeffery Smith, Thomas McInerney, Catherine Friedman, Eric Brandt and Tor Braham.

On the fate of those who would be stepping down, we can expect that experienced hands like Mayer and co-founder David Filo get appointments as Yahoo is gradually being integrated with Verizon, but the company hasn’t given hints as to such.

Yahoo suffered a very rocky last few months, and this includes disclosing of multiple security breaches and even building a secret backdoor in its systems to scan emails of hundreds of millions of its users as it grants a request from the United States intelligence body.

Although these put the deal at risk, it is certain that Verizon knows what’s involved in taking over such a big brand, and actually try to right most of the wrongs.

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