Google Brings WebVR to Chrome

Google Brings WebVR to Chrome

It’s now time to use VR on the web, and things are about to get very interesting starting now. It hasn’t always been so great to integrate virtual reality with your phone as you always need to get a headset, slot in your phone and navigate the internal menus, launch your apps and do many other things within the headset.

Well, Google will now make it pretty easy to discover rich VR content as it brings WebVR to Chrome.

Google Chrome has lacked mobile browser support for WebVR, and that means that the browser is not always able to gather data about the phone’s position, its input controller or even its orientation. These three are very important if Chrome is to be able to offer richer experiences. The WebVR now makes it very easy as a user only needs to tap on the WebVR experience on any given web page and the user will be presented the option of navigating with the finger or a mouse when using a desktop.

Google Brings WebVR to Chrome

With WebVR, companies and content creators will have the liberty to go on creating VR experiences without the need to host those experiences in a VR app. Interestingly, the update will make it pretty easy for websites to host 360-degree videos and it also allows users get the full benefits of using the Daydream headset and its controller.

The company has been working on this for many months, and some of the early partners were SketchFab, Matterport, and PlayCanvas. The company’s latest expansion of the Chrome will be available mainly to users of the Google Daydream and users who view VR contents on smartphones or desktops.

The company also revealed that in the coming months, it will be rolling out support for other VR headset brands including Cardboard. By now you obviously know this will only work for Daydream, so iPhone users are sure not going to be able to use it, at least for now, but we expect that when Google rolls out full Cardboard support, iPhone users should be able to start using the feature. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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