Google’s CEO Replies to 7 Year old Who Wrote to Request a Job

Google’s CEO Replies 7-Year-old Who Wrote to Request a Job


Who wouldn’t want a job at the biggest website on earth? Who wouldn’t love to work with a team of highly visionary and skilled people who come from different corners of the earth to form one of the most diverse workplaces you could ever think of?

Well, a 7-year-old just sent a letter she addressed to “Google Boss,” stating how she loves swimming, how she loves to be at the Olympic, how she loves computers and her desire to work at Google when she is old enough. Chloe Bridgewater who lives in Hereford may have fallen in love with images of Google offices with bean bags, go-karts and the cool slides that she feels she should also be in that environment.

Just like every intelligent person seeking a job, Chloe clearly stated her qualifications and her interests; in fact, she didn’t forget to tell something about her sister’s love for dressing dolls. She went on to explain why she believes she would be a good fit for the company, not forgetting to reference what her teachers think of her saying: “my teachers tell my mom and dad that I am very good in class and am good at spelling, reading, and my sums.”

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