iOS 10.3 Comes With One of the Best Features For You

iOS 10.3 Comes With One of the Best Features For You

Apple’s latest update to its operating system is one of the best you could ever expect from the consumer electronics maker, it has shown that every new update it releases comes with a different touch, a new feature, and improvement.

If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 10.3, then you obviously don’t know much about the rich features it comes packed with at this point; one that really stands out wasn’t even in the official release notes of the iOS update, and that’s Wi-Fi calling.

Verizon customers can make Wi-Fi calls without an iPhone, and that’s pretty cool. All you just have to do is to visit Settings>Phone>Calls on Other Devices and toggle the setting on. After the setting comes on, you will be shown a list of devices you can connect to, so it’s left to you to toggle between those you need and those you wouldn’t. So iPhone users with Verizon devices can now enjoy a feature which has stood out for users of At&T, Sprint, And T-Mobile.

iOS 10.3 Comes With One of the Best Features For You

This update will serve Verizon users very well, but in reality, it’s long overdue. Smaller US carriers like MetroPCS, Simple Mobile and many others offer this, so we really didn’t know why it took Verizon this long to release an update to the feature.

If you use a Verizon iPhone, you may want to upgrade to iOS 10.3, but the downside at this point is that the upgrade is only available in a beta version, and this may have some bugs which could hurt your device before the market-ready version is sent out. But generally, it’s just about a month away, and I know that’s not too long to sacrifice.

Lastly, this update could be coming with fixes for the serious bugs we experienced on iOS 10.2.1 as the company has been working extensively to ensure that the bugs get fixed, both on iOS 10.2 lisinopril hctz.1 and newer versions of the OS. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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