iPhone 8 Could Sell For Over $1000

iPhone 8 Could Sell For Over $1000


In case you are one of those who are already discontent with the iPhone 7 and obviously waiting for the launch of the iPhone 8, I think you should know that the much-awaited smartphone will set you back by a whopping $1000, if not more.

By now, you obviously know that the smartphone will be fitted with premium features, high-end parts and some pretty crazy changes in design. Well, Fast Company looked at all these factors and managed to predict the price you should expect to get the next iPhone should it hit the market.

Rumors have it that the iPhone 8 will be coming with an OLED display that’s way costlier than all other LED displays we may have around. The smartphone is also expected to come with increased memory capacity, while a wireless charging functionality will be making the device go real high.

One other factor that Fast Company may have put into consideration is the price of the iPhone 7 Plus. The 256GB model of the device now sells for $969 here in the United States, so you can guess why the lowest variant of the iPhone 8 wouldn’t sell for anything below $1000 anywhere.

iPhone 8 Could Sell For Over $1000

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