iPhone 8 Could Sell For Over $1000

iPhone 8—the Camera, the Memory and Much More


The tech giant is already gearing up to reveal some details about the much anticipated iPhone 8, and the Asian supply chain is indeed gearing up to take the influx of requests for the device.

The iPhone 8 will be coming next year, but some of its features are just so cool that we are left to imagine how they will be adding up to make the iPhone 8 a historic release.

Starting from the front, the smartphone is expected to have a top-notch front-facing camera that will be able to sense 3D space and also enable applications like facial recognition, iris recognition, and selfie shooting. With the new 3D front camera, users will be able to have their faces shown in place of a character when playing games.

This is a possibility considering that Apple acquired Faceshift, a company that specializes in AR-related facial-transformation technology. The sensor also sports a technology from PrimeSense, another company Apple acquired back in 2013.

iPhone 8—the Camera, the Memory and Much More

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