Nokia to Relaunch the Strongest Phone in History—3310

Nokia to Relaunch the Strongest Phone in History—3310


Just two days back, I was engrossed in a very lengthy discussion with a friend, talking about the power of early Nokia phones like 3310 and the likes. Well, just when I felt the company should release these devices again, the company is actually planning a return of one of the best phones in history.

The rumor actually originated from Evan Blass, and he reports that there would be a relaunch of the brick-like device by the end of the month.  The phone was launched some 17 years ago, and until today, it really doesn’t look like the phone is losing its grip on admirers.

One of the many features of the device is its hard feel, its powerful battery, and a distinctive design. Many guys back then would throw the phone against a wall in hopes that it would break in pieces; well, in many cases, the device just bounces back, and when it doesn’t, it scatters and all you have to do is to fix it all up, and yup!! It starts working again.

Well, that’s a memory we have long kept somewhere in our minds and hearts, a memory that the advent of Java and Symbian phones haven’t been able to erase, a memory that even the advent of the iPhone and numerous smartphones still can’t replace, well, it’s a powerful memory.

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