The Most Reliable Phone Ever—the Nokia 3310


A couple of days ago, we shared an article on the historic and powerful Nokia 3310. Well, the Nokia 3310 is finally back with us and if you haven’t, I believe it’s time for you to say a big hello!!

Just as expected, the new Nokia 3310 coming after 17 years is much like a rebirth of the original, and the phone that has defined generations of mobile devices is still coming with its trademark ringtones, compact design and that mobile game a lot of us spent many hours playing, Snake.

The phone was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early yesterday, and even without telling you, I believe you can easily and clearly identify it. This time around, HMD Global has released a device that’s slightly thinner and against the original, it sports a colored screen.

It maintains its powerful battery life as the 3310 is expected to last for about 30 days, and beating our expectation is the fact that the phone comes with 2.5G basic internet connection.

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