A Floating Skyscraper Proposed by New York Architects

A Floating Skyscraper Proposed by New York Architects


The Clouds Architecture Office, a New York-based design firm has proposed an outrageous idea, that a skyscraper be hitched on an Asteroid and left hanging over the heads of the citizens of New York. The thought alone makes us shiver, but this firm is saying it can be done.

In 2015, European Space Agency proved that it’s possible to land on a spinning comet with the Rosetta mission. Wondering where the Asteroid will be gotten from? Well, NASA has scheduled an Asteroid retrieval mission for 2021.

Even with the expressed concern at the difficulty of Asteroid management, the scientists would still love to go ahead and place the tower together with the Asteroid in a geosynchronous orbit so it will match the earth’s rotation. From down below it will return to its position after approximately 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds. According to the group, that would allow it to travel between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres on a daily loop.

“The ground trace for this pendulum tower would be a figure eight, where the tower would move at its slowest speed at the top and bottom of the figure eight, allowing the tower’s occupants to interface with the planet’s surface at these points,” they explained.

A Floating Skyscraper Proposed by New York Architects

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