Apple Unveils Its Lowest-Priced New iPad for $329

Apple Unveils Its Lowest-Priced New iPad for $329


On Tuesday, Apple launched a cheap model of its iPad with an initial price of $329 to boost company sales.

The new iPad will be having the following features: a 9.7-inch screen, A9 processing chip and a battery lifespan of 10 hours. From the 24th of March, the new product will be available for order.

Because of the lower sales price, the new iPad has a little downgrade in comparison with the iPad Pro which is of equal size. The iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel camera quality over the new iPad which has an 8 megapixel camera quality; the iPad Pro also has a faster processor.

Apple decided to ignite more public interest in its tablet products by making cheaper iPads. The new iPads are reasonably more affordable than the 9.7-inch Pro models which costs around $599.

Apple made sales of 13.1 million iPads in the last quarter, in contrast to 16.1 million sales from the same period last year. Indications are that it isn’t only the iPads that aren’t selling as much. General indications are that tablet sales have significantly dropped. Users of tablets have been reluctant to make new purchases as they have maintained their devices for longer periods. This is different from the mobile device market where consumers usually upgrade their devices within two years.

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