Facebook’s Tool That Would Prevent Suicide on Live

Facebook and Twitter Threatened With Fine in Germany over Hate Speech


Facebook and Twitter, two social media giants that could be facing fines over not doing as much as they should to control hate speech on their platforms. A whopping $53 million could be asked of them if they do not improve and shore up the efforts they have been making to reduce and eliminate illegal posts on the platforms.

The two websites have been put under pressure by many countries around the world as their policing of online material is pretty slack. The platforms have been used to spread the so-called fake news, hate speech, terrorist propaganda and many others. Just as is the case in many countries, the issues with social media have been heavily debated in Germany since Germany’s law is pretty strict on things that can and cannot be published.

This is a foreseen situation as the authorities may hold a certain information from going live on the country’s media outlets, but in most cases, this same information is sent for the whole world to see through Facebook and Twitter.

With a global regulatory push, we expect that there will be a measure of restriction on how people interact online and all digital activities. Interestingly, this regulatory plan will be giving governments more control over many parts of the internet.

Heiko Maas

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