Stamp Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook said this would be an addition to the 4,500 people officially working in this task.

Facebook Releases Solution to Fake News


I don’t know how you see this, but to me, this was fast becoming the trademark of the biggest social media company in the world and one of the top five websites on earth, and that means information that is let loose here has far-reaching effects.

Well, after many months of waiting and teasing, Facebook has finally started rolling out solutions to the fake news its platform has made a name for. The company had stated back in December that it will label and bury fake news, and it has gone on to team with some organizations that are part of the international non-partisan fact-checking network.

The network is led by journalism non-profit Poynter, and Facebook plans to rely heavily on four top organizations, ABC News, SNOPES,, and Politifact. With the new system, users will be able to flag and report stories that are misleading or false. The third parties will then review the stories and see if they are real or fake.

We will just wait to see if this plan works well, and seeing how much the company is investing, we may be seeing a cleaner Facebook in coming months. This also comes as a fulfillment of Facebook’s promise that researchers will be reviewing website domains and sending fake news sites to fact-checkers.

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