Facebook Roll-outs Stories, Camera Effects; SnapChat Beware!

Facebook Roll-outs Stories and Camera Effects – SnapChat Beware!


Tech giants, Facebook have begun enabling more features on the social media platform. The latest being Stories which motivates users to share videos and pictures which will self-destruct in 24 hours.

This newly enabled feature is adopted from popular social platform SnapChat. Other added features include better ways to share videos with friends privately and a good range of camera effects available on Android and iOS.

As explained by Facebook, the camera has overtaken the use of keyword as a primary way of expressing personal experiences, thoughts, emotions. This tilt towards the visual is a significant departure from the Facebook idea of connecting college students with words which began 13 years ago at Harvard University dorm.

People can now share photos of different highlight moments from their daily lives woven together in a slideshow with Facebook Stories. Friends can view and comment on those post made before it vanishes in 24 hours.

This is a ploy by Facebook to increase engagement for its users both young and old who will share more user generated content on the platform. More ads can be displayed to people because they spend more time on the site.

Facebook Roll-outs Stories, Camera Effects; SnapChat Beware!

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