Facebook Unveils New Alert System To Tackle Fake News


Facebook has begun introducing its third-party fact-checking tool in a bid to combat fake news, thus signaling users of “disputed content.”

Facebook made the awareness last December that it would collaborate with independent fact-checkers to clamp down on the dissemination of false news on its platform. The tool was noticed by Facebook users who tried to get details on the story that made bogus claims that hundreds of thousands of Irish people were brought into the US as slaves.

In a story published by Rhode Island entertainment blog Newport Buzz titled “The Irish slave trade – the slaves that time forgot” went viral on the social media network in a prelude to St Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March.

Red alerts were gotten by Facebook users who attempted to share the story noting that the articles were in disagreement with Snopes.com and Associated press. A click on that warming displays another pop-up which contained more information “about disputed content.”

The information displayed read thus; “Sometimes people share fake news without knowing it. When independent fact-checkers dispute this content, you may be able to visit their websites to find out why.” And also “Only fact-checkers signed up to Poynter’s non-partisan code of principles are shown.”

Facebook Unveils New Alert System To Tackle Fake News

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