Facebook’s Tool That Would Prevent Suicide on Live

Facebook’s Tool That Would Prevent Suicide on Live


You heard me right, and it’s happening way faster than you can ever imagine. Mentally ill individuals will now be able to carry guns whenever they like.

America has been plagued by many deaths caused by individuals who just went nuts and who feel taking lives will be the best way to go about things, and for many years the government has tried to place laws that will make it pretty tough to get a gun, while taking time to check the mental health of gun carriers to ensure that they will be in the best position to make really tough decisions.

While in office, Barrack Obama had signed the aforementioned into law, and that has made background checks on individuals requesting a license to wield a gun really tight, with the individuals being extensively scrutinized. The new president has now signed a bill that will undo the former.

Under the former administration, the Social Security Administration was to submit records of mentally disabled individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System the FBI has been using to determine when someone can get a firearm and when he can’t.

Facebook’s Tool That Would Prevent Suicide on Live

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