Facebook’s Tool That Would Prevent Suicide on Live

Facebook’s Tool That Would Prevent Suicide on Live

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Well, that led to over 75,000 people who were mentally defective being discovered, and these even applied for social security benefits in line with their condition. Now, Trump and his Republican cohorts feel that the rule was ensnaring individuals who had mental issues but were competent enough to have a gun.

This isn’t really strange, and we have been keeping tabs to see if the president will be signing it into law. Well, it seems like he made a last minute decision to sign it on the last day of the 10-day period he is required to sign it into law. It also comes as the fulfillment of a campaign promise he made months back, stating that he would “un-sign that so fast.”

It was signed privately to ensure that there is no opposition and looking at it from another angle, he may have decided to sign it yesterday to make no space for any opposition to raise dust. Well, let’s just wait to see the impact this will have on the country.

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