Google Makes New Humanoid Robot Official

Google Makes New Humanoid Robot Official


Many of you may be starting to wonder why I have taken a different level of interest in robots and AI in the past few months; and really, I know I am starting to fall head-over-heels for this tech niche and I just wish I could spend a lot more time exploring it.

The latest addition to my robotics-related write-ups is Google’s new robot that’s around 6-foot-6 tall with wheels on its feet, making it one of the craziest pieces of robots you will be setting your eyes on in a very long time.

The Google-owned robotics firm unveiled the latest robot from its stables in a YouTube video that has gone viral, and interestingly, the robot features hands that resemble that of humans, a torso, arms, and legs.

Boston dynamics feels that the combination of the legs and having the wheels on the robot is the best part of the robot, and I must say how much I agree with that. On a single charge, the robot is expected to travel over a space of 15 miles, and it handles energy perfectly on flat surfaces. With the legs, the robot is able to travel on uneven terrain, and just go anywhere you want it to go without issues.

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