Google to Acquire Platform for Data Science

Google to Acquire Platform for Data Science


Google may be making a move to acquire data science community, Kaggle. This platform hosts machine learning competitions and data science, so we may expect that Google is moving to build a future for its AI. Google may be announcing the deal later this week as it hosts its Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco.

Kaggle co-founder and CEO, Anthony Goldbloom didn’t directly deny claims that the company is being acquired by Google, and Google itself hasn’t commented, as it termed this as still being a “rumor.”

The company has had well over 500,000 data scientists on its platform since it was founded in 2010. The platform has managed to stay at the top due to its focusing on a specific niche, and its way ahead of competitors like TopCoder, HackerRank, DrivendData and the likes.

It should also be noted that Kaggle has had a little history with the world’s biggest website, as they both partnered to host a $100,000 machine learning competition that’s based around classifying YouTube videos, and it should be noted that the integrations it had with Google’s Cloud Platform were pretty extensive.

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